Dubrovnik is a town of rich history and tradition, amazing landmarks and palaces, and narrow cobbled streets. Often called the Pearl of Adriatic, Dubrovnik is one of those places in the world you should visit once in a lifetime. When planning to travel to Dubrovnik, travelers often dream of City Walls, spots where filmed HBO serial Game of Thrones, and swimming in the crystal clear Adriatic sea.  But often the most amazing and memorable moments of travel are things you do when taking part in local activities instead of just sightseeing. Explore this magnificent town from a different point of view with our list of things to do in Dubrovnik.

Watch the sunset from the Srdj Hill

Watching the sunset is always a romantic and beautiful moment, but watching the sunset in Dubrovnik is for sure an unforgettable experience. The best place for watching the sun going down is Srdj hill. This hill is situated above Dubrovnik and from here fascinating views of the Old town and nearby island are provided.

Stroll the main street with ice cream in the hands

The local’s favorite custom on the hot summer days is to take ice cream and walk down the main street. Stradun or as it is often called Placa is the main street in Old Town and the center of all events in the summer. Don’t miss taking ice cream to freshen up a bit and stroll the main street to see what is happening.

Discover the charming botanical garden in Trsteno

The botanical garden in Trsteno or Arboretum Trsteno is just 20 minutes away from Dubrovnik. It is the oldest Renaissance garden in Dalmatia and represents a peaceful natural oasis where you will see interesting plants and herbs. The palm trees, eucalyptus, different types of exotic trees, and more than 300 other plants are preserved to this day.

Visit local’s favorite island

Lokrum Island, just 15 minutes away from Dubrovnik Old Port, is a popular place for locals during the summer. Visit this enchanting oasis of beauty, peace, and untouched nature and enjoy an amazing landscape. You can walk and admire the pine and cypress trees, swim in the turquoise-blue Adriatic sea, or just chill in privacy.

Taste delicious food

Dubrovnik can boast of delightful food and fine wines. It is mainly known for fish food, oysters, and mussels you definitely need to try, but Dubrovnik also has a good offer for meat lovers. They will be fascinated with a lamb under an iron bell, a pesticide with gnocchi, pasta with beef meat or as locals called Sporki makaruli, prosciutto, and more. Don’t forget to sweeten up your taste buds with famous rozata (similar to flan), apple strudle, and exquisite wines.

Experience Dubrovnik Old Town in the early morning

There is nothing more beautiful and stunning than experiencing Dubrovnik in the early morning, watching its awakening, and how locals start their new day. Children are preparing for school or to go on the beach with grandparents, and parents for work, and fishermen are returning back with their catches. An indispensable ritual of locals is first-morning coffee, so don’t miss it and do the same.

Attend the Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the most representative cultural manifestation in Dubrovnik. It lasts from 10  July until  25 August every year and includes performances of theatre shows, classical and folk music, ballet, and dance. If you visit Dubrovnik during this part of the year and attend at least one show, you won’t regret it.